An Introduction of Vietnamese Language

Welcome to our program! Some simple lessons help you to contact and communicate with Viet people more easier!

Vietnamese's Culture

Known more about Viet Nam by discovering Vietnamese's Culture

Viet Nam's sight Seeing

Places you should visit when come to Viet Nam. We warmly welcome all of you to our country!

Learn Vietnamese's - Lesson 1: Greeting

You know how to greet in Vietnamese and other ways to contact with Viet people!

General Information of Vietnam

Find some general information of Vietnam and you have an overview of the country.

March 1, 2016

រៀនភាសាវៀតណាម - មេរៀនទីបី: សេចក្តីណែនាំ Learn Vietnamese - Lesson 3: Introduction

រៀនភាសាវៀតណាម - មេរៀនទីបី: សេចក្តីណែនាំ

រៀនភាសាវៀតណាម - មេរៀនទីពីរ:ការស្វាគមន៍ Learn Vietnamese - Lesson 2: Greeting

រៀនភាសាវៀតណាម - មេរៀនទីពីរ:ការស្វាគមន៍ 

រៀនភាសាវៀតណាម - មេរៀនទីមួយ:បុព្វកថា Learn Vietnamese - Lesson 1: Over view

រៀនភាសាវៀតណាម - មេរៀនទីមួយ:បុព្វកថា